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As driven by the ever-evolving technology and innovation, with the persistent adverse effect of
COVID-19 and social distance policy, consumer shopping behaviors kept evolving to a new model.  

Thus, the global retailers speed up the pace of retail transformation adapting to the

unprecedent new retail model and market change.

The Association works hard on all fronts to assist members to speed up their digital transformation, make advances in omni-channel retailing and expand their businesses on e-marketplaces.  

This page serves to update members and fellow retailers on latest trends of new retail
and e-commerce and provide insights on grasping the e-commerce and omni-channel opportunities.

Latest Trend of New Retail and E-commerce

2022 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey: Consumers Respond to Waves of Disruption

Consumers haven’t given up on expectations of quality, choice and service. What does that mean for the companies that serve them? 

Consumers may have shown patience during the early days of the pandemic, as companies simplified supply chains, streamlined their product lines and cut customer service. But that patience seems to be wearing thin, according to our latest Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey, which surveyed 9,069 consumers across 25 territories.

The good news? For companies that can manage multiple disruptions concurrently, there may be an opportunity in this era of seemingly perpetual upheaval.

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2022 Global Consumer Insights Survey China Report - Charting new paths to sustainable growth in the next retail evolution

Seizing the Digital Marketing Opportunities in the Era of Electronic Payments

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, citizens are more concerned about personal and public health, and even maintain social distancing, which has caused a huge change in consumer attitudes towards cash payment. For hygiene reasons, consumers tend to opt for electronic payments and reduce the use of cash to lower the risk of virus transmission. 

To reduce the chances of being infected or spreadingCOVID-19, consumers are utilizing digital technologies to learn, work and shop from home. COVID-19 has accelerated the evolution of payment methods, that contactless payment is gradually replacing traditional coins and banknotes. 

In fact, the adoption of cashless payment has become a spontaneous preventive measure against infectious diseases in our community. 

On top of that, with mobile and digital encryption technology, contactless payments are secured electronically and physically.

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Meta Foresight

Meta Foresight helps leaders understand cultural shifts, challenge convention and prepare for what's next.

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The Latest Digital Marketing Trend in 2022 (Chinese Version Only)

疫情徹底改變了普羅大眾的生活,同時亦都促使企業加快步伐將業務轉移至線上,開設網店或投放資源到各個線上渠道都是一般企業嘗試轉型的的做法。然而,若果沒有切合時宜的數碼營銷策略,再多的預算也只是藥石亂投,難以獲得顯著成效。這兩年間,數碼營銷突然成為炙手可熱的話題,但數碼潮流轉變得很快,將幾年前的營銷策略放在今天的話,可能已經行不通了。本文將會淺述 2022 下半年數碼營銷的趨勢,望企業能夠及早做好準備,謀定全面的數碼營銷策略。

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The Latest Digital Marketing Trend in 2022 >

Conversational Commerce: “Customer-centric” Retail Marketing Strategy

When talking about conversations, what comes to your mind? Emails, phone calls, meetings or Whatsapp…? Our work arrangements, ways of living and even spending habits have been changed since the pandemic began. More and more people prefer text messaging than audio, video and even face-to-face meetings. It also applies to business communications with customers as we are expecting a personalised and seamless shopping experience anytime, anywhere.

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Cross-border Retailing

Borderless Commerce Report 2022 – Turn Shifting Values into Cross-border Opportunities

Basic on Start E-Commerce

The 7 Favorables of Online Shop Brings to Your Retail Business (Chinese Version Only)



(Chinese Version Only) 

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Tips for Doing Shop-remote Business at Home under COVID (Chinese Version Only)

從二月疫情升溫至今,門市人潮驟減,許多零售品牌面臨業績雪崩式下跌。港人消費轉到線上,已經是新常態。91APP 分析多家門市品牌全通路業績,發現自二月開始,短短三周內,門市消費者轉線上消費的會員數增加了 63%,相當驚人!
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How to Start an E-tailing Business (Chinese Version Only)

(Chinese version only) 

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Set Up Online Ordering Process (Chinese Version Only)

(Chinese version only) 

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Drive Traffic by Data Analytics (Chinese Version Only)

(Chinese version only) 

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Keys to Quality E-Shop (Practical tips) (Chinese Version Only)

(Chinese version only) 

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Digital Marketing

Facebook Blueprint eLearning (English version only)

Facebook Blueprint eLearning is a series of free, self-paced online courses and learning paths that retailers can take to learn more about advertising on Facebook and Instagram.



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Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) Retailing

Rebuild Consumers' Connectivity by OMO Strategy (Chinese Version Only)

後疫情年代,零售產業面臨更嚴酷的競爭。展望 2022 下半年,零售品牌數碼轉型的新契 機在哪裡? 

OMO 線上線下融合、品牌第一方數據、跨境商機,將是三大關注熱點。

(Chinese Version Only) 

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OMO Digital Marketing under the New Age of Conversational Commerce

Retailers have gone through tough times in recent years. Before COVID-19, a lot of retailers started transforming their business model from pure online or offline retail to O2O(Online-to-Offline), which means driving customers from online channels to offline purchase.

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The Key Strategies for Omnichannel Retailing (Chinese Version Only)


(Chinese Version Only) 

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The 3 Key Stages for Your O2O Retail Business (Chinese Version Only)

許多香港和國際零售品牌很早就看到 OMO 線上線下全通路整合的需求,「今天不做,明天會後悔」,品牌數位轉型,要讓電商為實體門市所用。電商和門市全通路業績要一起成長、一起服務更多客人。

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Retail Operational Efficiency

Big Data Drive Your Business from Online Shopping to Smart Roasting (Chinese Version Only)



(Chinese Version Only) 

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Retailers Can Promote Seamless Shopping with RFID

Attendance, Leave & Payroll 3 Retail HR Challenges & How To Overcome Them

The retail industry has always been a dynamic industry with high frontline turnoverand multi outlets. Such characteristics make centralized human resource management particularly difficult. HR tasks such as roster, attendance, leave managmenet and payroll hence rely highly onfrontline operation managers. 

With the outbreak of the pandemic and the implementation of social measures and policies, the problem of manpower shortage and HR management has become more acute than ever.

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