Hong Kong Award for Industries: Customer Service

Demonstrate Your Excellence and Outstanding Service!

The "Hong Kong Awards for Industries” is championed by the HKSAR Government. The Awards Scheme covers six categories, the Association is proud to be the organiser for the award category on "Customer Service".  

Over the years, the Customer Service category has received keen participation from companies of a diverse portfolio of business sectors, including retailing, banking and finance, banquet and wedding planning, catering, hotel, I.T service, property management, storage service, telecommunication, theme park, travel agencies and various service providers.

Participation Fee

No participation fee is required

(For businesses such as catering, theme park and cinemas etc., participating companies will be requested to provide the Association with cash allowance /tickets in order for the Association to conduct mystery shoppers assessment.  The Association will discuss with individual participating company in details upon receipt of the enrolment form.)