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Full Member Application

Company Information

# Please include all office & store employees and number of retail outlets under the above company name & subsidiaries listed.

Contact Person Information (To receive membership approval and renewal information)


Authorized Representative

It is provided in the Articles of the Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) Limited that every corporate member shall have the right to nominate one person to become the Authorized Representative of the HKRMA member.


Name and Position of Representatives (To receive HKRMA information)

Please fill in at least one department.

Membership Fee

  • All subscriptions shall be due on the 1st day of January each year.
  • For application submitted in January to June, the member will be required to pay for 1-year membership fee.
  • For application submitted in July to December, the member will be required to pay 1.5 years (18 months) of the annual fee.

No Fakes Pledge Scheme

The No Fakes Pledge Scheme is established in 1998. The Scheme is coordinated by the Intellectual Property Department, HKSAR and HKRMA is one of the issuing bodies. HKRMA Full Member can get Free Membership of No Fakes Pledge.

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Supporting Documents

Please upload the following documents for membership approval.

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Payment Information

Please send crossed cheque to " Hong Kong Retail Management Association Ltd." within 14 days after submitting this application to Hong Kong Retail Management Association, 7/F., First Commercial Building, 33-35 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Data Privacy Statement and Declaration

The information collected from your company will be used for purpose of processing your company’s membership application.Please note that it is mandatory for your company to provide all personal data.If your company does not provide such data,the Association will not be able to process the membership.The Association intends to use all your company’s data for direct marketing;the data will be used for listing on membership directory,distributing circulars,publications,research materials,market information;direct marketing of the annual events,conferences,seminars,briefings,meetings, awards,programmes,training programmes,and services of the Association;and direct marketing of activities similar to the Association’s above activities which are organized by the Association’s business partners.The Association shall not so use the data unless with your company’s consent.Your company has the right to request access to and correction of information held by us about your company.If your company wishes to access or correct the data,please contact us by writing to Ms.Ng at our address,by email(membership@hkrma.org)or by fax(2866-8380).

Consent on the above stated use of the company's data in direct marketing *
Consent on receiving my event confirmation and communications from HKRMA on Whatsapp *

Membership Declaration

I declare that I have been authorised by the Company of the present application to make the following declaration:

1. that the Company hereby applies/renews for membership of the Hong Kong Retail Management Association and if accepted,agrees to abide by the rules and " Code of Practice" of the Association.The Company understands that the Executive Committee of the Association may reject any application for membership,or terminate an existing membership,and refuse any nomination of company representative and is not bound to state the reason for so doing;
2. that the Company's retail operation has been fully operative for at least one year.
3. that the Company only sells genuine products.
4. that the Company consents to the release to and/or request for complaint records or information by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association in relation to any allegations received by the Consumer Council,government departments or organizations or agencies including overseas against the Company in the past 12 months.
5. We hereby apply for Full Membership of the Hong Kong Retail Management Association and if accepted,agree to abide by the rules and " Code of Practice " of the Association.We understand that the Executive Committee may refuse to accept any application for membership and any nomination for representative membership and is not bound to state the reason for so doing.
6. that the Company established consumer complaint case(s) with the Consumer Council within the past 12 months *
7. that the Company claimed record(s) of trade mark infringement *