"ShopShop@HK 去街買"

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ShopShop@HK 去街買 

Let’s Support Hong Kong Retail! 

Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) and Quality Tourism Services Association (QTSA) are organizing a cross-brand e-stamp mobile app promotion campaign named “ShopShop@HK”. The campaign is aimed to boost local consumption and revive Hong Kong’s retail industry through Tipic mobile app. 

"ShopShop@HK" is a six-month cross-brand e-stamp mobile app promotion campaign to boost citywide local shopping fun!  Customers can collect e-stamps and earn rewards from over 500 retail stores.  Participating retailers can drive sales and traffic to their shops.

 Let's Spend! Earn Rewards! Get Jetso!

Collect e-stamps from over 500 retail stores to earn rewards from "ShopShop@HK" !  

Let's Spend! Earn Rewards!

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A six-month cross-brand e-stamp mobile app promotion campaign to boost citywide local shopping fun and drive business to your physical stores!  

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 Let’s support Hong Kong Retail! Be our gift sponsor by sponsoring gifts and offers at "ShopShop@HK"!

​Existing Sponsors included:


How Consumers Can Join

  1. Consumers are required to download the mobile app ShopShop@HK (Tipic) and register as a user before they can spend and earn e-stamps from participating merchants.

  2. Consumers spend HK$250 at any participating merchants can earn one e-stamp. They can use e-stamps to redeem gifts / discount offers listed in “Gift Central Pool”, subject to the terms and conditions of redemption.

  3. The e-stamps are for cross-brand redemption.  Consumers can redeem gifts / offers from different participating merchants.

  4. One complimentary e-stamp will be granted to consumers once they download the app.  

  5. Each consumer can earn a maximum of 30 e-stamps from a merchant (covering all outlets) on a single day basis.

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Surprising Offers

ShopSHop@HK x MTR
ShopShop@HK x Asia Miles

How Retailers Can Join


 Steps ​

  1. Register to join as participating merchants for "ShopShop@HK".

  2. Get smartphones / tablet devices ready with internet connection at shops.

  3. Install the free "Tipic Keeper" app on the device and to issue e-stamps, manage coupons and redeem gifts in the Tipic Keeper app.


Participating brands must be:

  1. A full member of either HKRMA or QTSA, or a non-member retailer endorsed by any two members of the two associations; and

  2. with physical outlet(s) in Hong Kong.



  1. Issue e-stamp based on the amount of HK$250 spending for 1 e-stamp, and HK$500 for 2 stamps per transaction, so on so forth.

  2. Offer at least 3 gifts/offers to the central pool of gifts for consumers’ redemption.

  3. Use mobile app banner ad to promote the redemption offer. 

 Duration & Fee Schedule 

  1. The campaign will be officially launched on 8 September 2020 and last for a period of 6 months with 2 phases until 7 March 2021.

  2. For the first 3 months (8 September to 7 December 2020), it is FREE OF CHARGE to all participating merchants.

  3. After the 3-month free of charge period, a service fee will be charged to merchants at 0.5% of value of each e-stamp issued (i.e. 0.5% of HK$250 = HK$1.25) as the basic administration charge for the following 3 months (8 December 2020 to 7 March 2021).


Participating Retailers

Big Panda
Chow Sang Sang
Eu Yan Sang
Go Wild
Hang Cheong Lung
Hung Fook Tong
Imperial Birds Nest
Lemon King
Optical 88
Pak Shing Tong
Prince Jewellery
Vita Green
Yue Hwa

Merchant Sponsors


*Listed in alphabetical order

Many more brands to come...