Image by Timon Studler

No Fakes Pledge Scheme

The No Fakes Pledge Scheme is established in 1998. The Scheme is coordinated by the Intellectual Property Department, HKSAR and HKRMA is one of the issuing bodies.

Aims of the Scheme

  • To encourage a sense of pride among traders who only deal in genuine goods;

  • To help promote consumer awareness of intellectual property protection
    in Hong Kong; and

  • To sustain the confidence of consumers and tourists and strengthen Hong
    Kong's reputation as a "Shoppers' Paradise'.

Who Can Join

Membership of No Fakes Pledge is free of charge. Interested retailers should be a member of the issuing body, including Hong Kong Retail Management Association.

Benefits for Members Company

  • Be able to distinguish themselves from dishonest traders

  • Be able to gain the confidence of consumers

  • Be able to enhance their image as trustworthy traders

Application Method

Submit both applications to Hong Kong Retail Management Association:

  1. No Fakes Pledge Scheme Application Form (PDF) and email to; AND

  2. HKRMA Full Member Online Application Form


For further information, please visit the official website of No Fakes Pledge Scheme.