Overseas Green Project Volunteer Workcamp in UK
Organisation name
Champion team (Green Warrior Track)
A free oversea volunteer workcamp in UK*, to help on local community or green projects.
*Subject to final Brexit & visa arrangement. Other equivalent European cities will be offered such as France, Germany, Holland etc in case UK cannot be offered.
Expenses coverage
UK workcamp expenses - expenses relating to activity fee, food and accommodation that incur inside the camp site, usually in the country side.
Travel time
Summer holiday period 2019. All to travel together.
Workcamp will typically be for around 10-15 days.
Estimated additional cost to be paid by participant, excluded in the package
  • Around-trip Tickets from HK to UK
    HK$10,000 per person
  • UK Transportation to campsite
    HK$800 per person
  • 3-night city centre accommodation in London
    Twin share, 3-star hotel approx. HK$800 per person per night.
  • London local program
  • Food in London, travel Insurance
Additional vouchers
HK$8,000 workcamp vouchers for the next tier of winning participants