August 2020>

Voice of Retail Stronger than Ever amid COVID-19 Crisis

July 2020>

Third Wave of COVID-19 Creates Mounting Uncertainties to Retail Industry

Making Retail Sales Performance for the Rest of 2020 Unpredictable

June 2020 >

Cash Payout Scheme of HK$10,000 to Boost Local Economy

May 2020 >

Employment Support Scheme (“ESS”) under the Anti-Epidemic Fund is set to Open for Application on 25 May 2020


April 2020 >

February Retail Sales Value, Experienced the Worst Decline Ever


March 2020 >

January Retail Sales Value Dropped by 21.4% Year-on-Year    HKRMA Forecasts a Plunge of -30% to -50% for the First Half of 2020


February 2020 >

Retail Industry Faces Double Hit under Coronavirus Outbreak, HKRMA Urges Landlords to Waive Rent in February & Charge Turnover Rent Only from March to June

January 2020 >

HKRMA Expects Retail Sales Value Dropped by Low Double-Digit for 2019 Whole Year


December 2019 >

October Retail Sales Drop 24.3%  Worst on Record with No Immediate Recovery In Sight

November 2019 >

September Retail Sales Slumped 18.3%, HKRMA expects Sluggish Christmas Sales

October 2019 >

August Retail Sales Slumped 23%, HKRMA expects steeper drop in October

September 2019 >

July Retail Sales Dropped by 11.4%, HKRMA Expects August & September Will Be Even Worse

August 2019 >

Retail Sales Fell by 6.7% Retail Sector Hit Hard by the Prolonged Demonstrations

July 2019 >

Prolonged Protests Will Affect Peak Season, Summer Sales HKRMA Expects Double-Digit Drop for 2019 Whole Year

June 2019 >

Retail sales fell by 4.5% in April, Mild Increase in May was expected due to May Golden Week

May 2019 >

Retail sales dropped by 1.2% in First Quarter, HKRMA expects market will remain sluggish this year

April 2019 >

Retail sales dropped by 1.6% in Jan & Feb, Retailers need to transform to attract spending

March 2019 >

Retail Sales increased by 7.1% in January 2019, HKRMA Maintains Annual Forecast at Low Single-Digit Growth

February 2019 >

HKRMA Maintains Annual Forecast at Low Single-Digit Growth, Retail Sales Value Up by 8.8% for the Whole Year

January 2019 >

November Retail Sales Post Slowest Growth in 17 Months


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