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Associate Members are entitled to enjoy free listing of business opportunity/exclusive offer to HKRMA Full Members. The offer would be listed on the page of "Membership Benefits Programme" of HKRMA website and promoted to our members from time to time. It is a good marketing platform for Associate Members to promote their products and services by offering exclusive discounts or privileges to our Full Members.


Content of the offer
Terms and Conditions (if any)
條款及細則 (如有)
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Terms and Conditions
  1. All products, services and information are directly sold and supplied to customers by each Membership Benefits Provider who is solely responsible for all related obligations and liabilities. 所有商品、服務及資訊均為會員尊享優惠供應商直接銷售和提供給顧客,所有相關的條件和責任一概由該供應商負責。
  2. All matters or disputes will be subject to the final decision of our Membership Benefits Providers. 任何問題或爭議均以會員尊享優惠供應商的最終決定為依歸。
  3. The Association reserves the right to reject any offer without explanation and prior notice. 香港零售管理協會保留拒絕任何會員尊享優惠而不需作解釋的權利及事前通知。
Name and Position of Representatives
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提名代表之姓名及職位 (以方便本會寄發所有會員通信)
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Membership Fee

Associate Membership Fee: HK$3,600 per annum. All subscriptions shall be due on the 1st day of January each year. Application for 1-year membership (apply in January to June), the member will be required to pay the annual fee HK$3,600. Application for 18-month membership (apply in July to December), the member will be required to pay 1.5 years of the annual fee HK$5,400.

聯席會員入會費為每年港幣3,600元,會籍期限為每年的1月1日至12月31日。申請⼀年會籍 (於一月至六月期間遞交申請),申請入會的公司須按照上述入會費用繳付一年年度會費。申請一年半會籍 (於七月至十二月期間申請) ,申請入會的公司須按照上述入會費用繳付一年半年度會費。

We would like to subscribe for

For application submitted in January to June 於一月至六月期間遞交申請:

For application submitted in July to December 於七月至十二月期間遞交申請:

2-Year & 3-Year Subscription Special Offer 二年及三年會籍特別優惠

Event coupons equals to 5% (2-year) and 10% (3-year) of total membership fee. The coupons can be used for joining HKRMA events or advertisement service.

可獲得相等於總會費總金額5%(2年會籍)及10%(3年會籍)的活動優惠券。 優惠券可用於參加HKRMA活動或廣告服務。

Total Amount
Data Privacy Statement and Declaration
The information collected from your company will be used for purpose of processing your company's membership application. Please note that it is mandatory for your company to provide all personal data. If your company does not provide such data, the Association will not be able to process the membership. The Association intends to use all your company's data for direct marketing; the data will be used for listing on membership directory, distributing circulars, publications, research materials, market information; direct marketing of the annual events, conferences, seminars, briefings, meetings, awards programmes, training programmes, and services of the Association; and direct marketing of activities similar to the Association's above activities which are organized by the Association's business partners. The Association shall not so use the data unless with your company's consent. Your company has the right to request access to and correction of information held by us about your company. If your company wishes to access or correct the data, please contact us by writing to Ms. Ng at our address, by email (membership@hkrma.org) or by fax (2866-8380).
本協會收集的 貴公司資料將用作處理會籍申請,請注意 貴公司必須提供所有資料,以便本會處理有關申請。本會將會使用貴公司所提供的公司資料在直接促銷的用途上,包括協會的會員名冊、通告、刊物、研究資料、市場資訊;推廣協會的周年活動、研討會、會議、簡報會、獎項計劃、培訓計劃及服務,以及協會的合作夥伴所舉辦的同類活動。本會只在取得 貴公司的同意後才會使用有關資料。 貴公司有權要求查閱或更正公司的資料,請書面以郵寄、電郵 (membership@hkrma.org) 或傳真 (2866-8380) 方式與本會職員吳小姐聯絡。

to the above stated use of the company's data in direct marketing.
Authorized Representative
It is provided in the Articles of the Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) Limited that every corporate member shall have the right to nominate one person to become the Authorized Representative of the HKRMA member.
Membership Declaration
We hereby apply for Associate Membership of the Hong Kong Retail Management Association and if accepted, agree to abide by the rules and “Code of Practice” of the Association. We understand that the Executive Committee may refuse to accept any application for membership and any nomination for representative membership and is not bound to state the reason for so doing. *
本公司謹此申請加入香港零售管理協會為聯席會員,倘蒙接納,願遵守協會規定之各項章則。本公司同意協會執委會有權拒絕任何入會申請,而毋無須說明理由。 *
Supporting Documents

Please upload the following documents for membership approval.

Business Registration copies of current and previous years
Payment Method
Crossed Cheque payable to
"Hong Kong Retail Management Association Ltd."

Please mail cheque to
Hong Kong Retail Management Association
7/F., First Commercial Building,
33-35 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


香港銅鑼灣禮頓道 33-35 號
第一商業大廈 7 樓
Please send the cheque to us within 14 days after submitting this application