Report on Manpower Situation of the Hong Kong Retail Industry - Salary Trends for 2016

The Association conducts the Survey on Salary Trends on a yearly basis to provide a comprehensive overview on the salary trends of various frontline and managerial staff of the Hong Kong's retail industry.

About the Survey
  1. The Survey was conducted in July and August 2016. A total of 100 companies participated in the Survey, involving 6,371 retail outlets with employment of 147,868 staff, representing 56% of local retail workforce (266,151) in Hong Kong.
  2. The latest salary data was collected from 3 frontline positions, namely, Sales Person, Store Supervisor, and Store Manager, and 2 managerial positions including Area/District Manager and Retail/Operations Manager.
  3. The participating companies were categorized into 10 types of retail businesses including Beauty/Cosmetics, Catering/Food, Department Stores, Electronic & Electrical Appliances/ Telecommunications, Fashion & Accessories, Furniture & Home Accessories, Personal Health Care/Drugs Stores, Specialty Stores, Supermarkets/Convenience Stores, and Watch & Jewellery. Each retail category comprised of at least 6 participating companies.
Key Survey Highlights
  1. Around 90% of the participating companies gave salary increase to their staff in 2016 with average salary increase for frontline and managerial staff was 3.7% and 4.2% respectively.
  2. When compared to 2015, the Average Commissions provided to Sales Persons (1.9%) and Store Supervisors (6.1%) were increased, while for Store Managers (-6.3%), Area/District Managers (-18%) and Retail/Operations Managers (-9%), the rates registered a negative growth.
  3. The Average Guaranteed Bonus registered substantial increase for Sales Persons (29.9%), Store Managers (8.4%) and Area/ District Managers (26%) positions; while those for Store Supervisors (-3.9%) and Retail/Operations Managers (-9%) were decreased.
Other Findings in the Report:
  1. Salary Increase in year 2016 by categories
  2. Basic Salaries offered to the new entry and existing staff
  3. Commissions and Bonus of Sales Persons, Store Supervisors, Store Managers, Area / District Managers, and Retail / Operations Managers.
  4. Remuneration Packages of Sales Persons, Store Supervisors, Store Managers, Area / District Managers, and Retail / Operations Managers.
  5. Average Age of Frontline Staff
  6. Vacancies of Frontline Staff
  7. Overall Annual Staff Turnover Rate
  8. Ratio of Full-Time to Part-Time Staff
  9. Education Background of New Entry Level Sales Staff
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