The "Service Retailers of the Year" is an annual award scheme under the Association's Mystery Shoppers Programme (MSP) to recognize retailers who have shown excellent service performance by achieving the highest scores for the four assessment periods during the year (i.e. October - December of the year, January - March, April - June and July - September of the following year. )

The awards are presented at the Annual Awards Presentation Ceremony for the Programme held during the Association's Annual Dinner in December, including:

  • Service Retailers of the Year - Gold, Silver and Bronze Award
  • Service Retailers of the Year - Category Award
  • Excellence Award
2016 Service Retailers of the Year


2016 Service Retailers of the Year - Category Award
Beauty Products / Cosmetics Category
Department Stores Category
Electronic & Electrical Appliances Category
Fashion & Accessories Category
Fashion & Accessories -
High Fashion Category
Fashion & Accessories -
Sports & Outdoor Products Category
Fastfood / Restaurants Category
Footwear Category
Furniture & Home Accessories Category
Health Care Products Category
Infant and Child Merchandise Category
Personal Care Products Category
Retail (Services) Category
Specialty Stores Category
Specialty Stores -
Underwear & Nightwear Category
Supermarkets / Self-serviced Mega Stores / Convenience Stores Category
Telecommunications Category
Watch & Jewellery